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New Voices in Children’s Literature: Sarah Jung ’19 on “Daddy’s Love for Me,” Asian Representation & Family

New Voices in Children’s Literature: Sarah Jung ’19 on “Daddy’s Love for Me,” Asian Representation & Family

Sarah Jung is currently a graduate student of Urban Elementary Education at TCNJ. She and her sister, JoAnn, who attends WelIesley College, are in the process of publishing their very first children’s picture book! The title of their book is “Daddy’s Love For Me,” and they are working with Mascot Books, an independent hybrid-publishing company.

“Daddy’s Love For Me” introduces a young girl who believes her dad does not love her. She describes how absent he is in her life, is stingy with buying her toys, and misses out on important events in her life. Throughout the first half of the book, she holds strong grudges against her dad – until she encounters unexpected moments that help her realize that her dad actually does love her. Perhaps not in the ways that her friends’ dads do – but in his own special ways.

This book will be valuable for two major reasons. For one, the story will challenge young children to understand that parents show love to their children in a myriad of ways and that there are legitimate barriers that prevent parents from showing love in the fullest form. Second, the story features an Asian family, which will increase Asian representation in children’s literature, given that it is currently less than 4% in the U.S.

The Jung sisters are currently fundraising to meet the upfront costs of publishing, which include illustration, cover and interior design, and printing and binding of the book. They recently set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise about $5,500. If you are inspired by their story and mission and are interested in donating, please see this link:

Interested in more? Read JoAnn Jung’s interview with The Wellesley News: