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Student Retention Policy

As an EECE student in a four- or five-year program, upon completion of eight (8) units at the College, whether incoming freshman or internal transfer student, you are subject to this policy.

If your cumulative GPA is 2.75 or below, you will be placed on departmental probation. You will have to consult with your education advisor to develop a plan of action to raise your cumulative GPA to the required 3.0 and submit this plan of action to the Department Chair for approval.

If by the end of two subsequent semesters* following the initial identification of a 2.75 cumulative GPA or lower (i.e., fall then spring or spring then fall) your cumulative GPA does not rise above the 3.0 threshold, the department reserves the right to dismiss you from the program.

For external transfer coming into TCNJ and the EECE Department, once you have completed eight (8) units at the College, the EECE Department Retention Policy applies.

*Winter and summer semesters are not counted as semesters for the purpose of this policy.


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. For assistance and all questions, please contact us via email ( or call 609.771.2252.