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Registration Leveling Policy

The Registration Leveling Policy is a departmental policy instituted to address imbalances and inequitable distribution of students across required education courses with multiple sections. Under this policy, students in course sections with higher registration numbers are moved to sections with lower registration numbers until all sections have approximately the same total number of students.

Each semester, after the registration period has closed, the rosters of EECE Department courses are reviewed. The registration across courses is then leveled to ensure an equitable distribution of students across all course sections. Students are identified to be moved based on a “last in, first out” logic, meaning that those who registered last for the course are the first to be moved if the need arises. If the move would cause registration issues due to time conflicts, etc., the next student is selected. However, in all circumstances, the department has ultimate discretion in determining which students will be moved if another metric is required.

Students affected by registration leveling will be notified of this action via email.