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Dual Cert FAQs

Do I need a particular degree to apply to this program?

No, a four-year baccalaureate degree in any field of specialization is acceptable for application purposes. Applicants with degrees from foreign academic institutions would need to provide evaluation from accredited bodies (visit for a complete list) to demonstrate US degree equivalency.

How will my degree coursework be evaluated?

Evaluation of the transcripts should indicate: an undergraduate major (or 30 semester hours) in a liberal arts and sciences major or 60 semester-hour credits in liberal arts/sciences coursework 

Undergraduate program must include:

  • English – two college-level courses minimum
  • Mathematics – two college-level courses minimum
  • Science – two college-level courses minimum
  • Social Studies – two college-level courses minimum (one of the courses must be U.S. History)

What if my previous course work does not include all the required courses (2 English, 2 Math, 2 Sciences and 2 Social Studies)? Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, applicants can still apply and be admitted into the program, as long as all other admission criteria are met. Any missing coursework will be evaluated and the candidate will be asked to complete the missing coursework BEFORE the candidate completes the certificate program.

Where and how can I enroll to complete the missing coursework?

Candidates can take the missing coursework by enrolling in any recognized educational institution (including online) as long as they are able to complete the coursework with a minimum grade of C. The candidate should submit an official transcript to the program coordinator once the coursework is completed.

What is the minimum GPA requirement for application? Do I need to take GREs for application?

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required at the time of application. No, GREs are not required for application as this is a non- degree, certificate-only program.

What is basic skills proficiency and how do I demonstrate it?

NJDOE mandates that all candidates demonstrate basic skills proficiency in order to begin a teacher preparation program. This can be demonstrated in a variety of ways: by scores that meet the exemption criteria for the SAT, ACT, or GRE or by successfully passing the Praxis Core Skills for Educators, Test of Basic Skills (also called the Praxis Core).

Undergraduate and Graduate Requirements for Instructional Certificates | Certification

If I have not successfully demonstrated basic skills proficiency at the time of application, will my application be considered?

Yes, candidates need to meet the basic skills requirement or demonstrate exemption prior to beginning coursework and need to submit official proof/scores to the graduate office. Please note that score reports for the Praxis Core are not provided by ETS immediately. Results can take up to 21 days to obtain.

If I don’t have all my recommendation letters in at the time of application, will my application still be considered?

Yes, as long as candidates note in their application the expected date of the recommendation letters, their application can be considered (as long as they are received prior to the decision-making date).

Can I enroll in this program part time?

Unfortunately, no. This program is designed to be a one-year, cohort-based model, so all candidates need to be enrolled full time into the program.

Do I need any other paperwork/clearances before I start the program?

Candidates need to get clearances before they can begin their Clinical Practice I placement (by the first day of the start of fall semester).

More information about clearances

What are the requirements for successful completion of the program?

Candidates need to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better at the time of program completion. In addition, the candidates need to fulfill all other program requirements.

Information about requirements for certification

What grades will I be eligible to teach at the end of this program?

Candidates will be eligible to teach any grades from preschool to grade 6. Successful candidates will be recommended for NJ CEAS (Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing).

I am looking to teach middle school grades. Is this the right program for me?

This program can assist you in achieving that goal. If you meet the content requirements for middle school certification, you can add that certificate with a separate application to the NJDOE to add that certificate to the initial certificates you earn with this program.

Learn more about Middle School Endorsements

When I finish this program, what will I be eligible to teach?

By successfully completing this program and the associated exams, You will earn two teaching certificates, one for early childhood education and one for elementary education. You will be certified to teach in any classroom from preK to 6th grade.

Will this program certify me to teach special education?

No, this program does not lead to certification in special education.

What exams do I need to earn my teaching certificate?

You will have to complete and pass a teaching performance exam (edTPA) and either the Praxis Content Exam for Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education.